• Well our 2017 season as come to a end , soon you will see our last weekly update for 2017 . We hope to see you in great numbers at the shows this winter and next season at the lodge. Thank you to all of you for another great season. Yves



Hunting at Taggart Bay Lodge Hundreds of lakes, rivers, swamps, and beaver dams give us an ideal territory for moose hunting. By boating over lake Kipawa to find some of our hunting ground we get at some of the most secluded territories in the region. If you wish, you may hunt from one of our outposts even deeper into the forest.

Bear hunting is done on very large territories and new one are open almost every year. We will take you to the one that are very active at the time your there and your success is our only goal.

Every year our killing ratio is one of the best in Canada and the average size of our bear is the reason we have so many repeat customer.

Hunting  Our hunting trips are some of the finest in all of Canada. Hunting is done in a remote area where game is plentiful. Our family has been in the business for over 50 years right here in the Kipawa Lake region. We use many different tricks learned through the years to attract bears and moose for you.

Hunting Licenses Hunting licenses are available at the lodge and we strongly recommend that you buy them here as there are different hunting zones in Québec. If you decide to buy you hunting license beforehand, you must make sure that your hunting license identifies Zone 13 West. All export tags are supplied in our package.

Weapons Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, muzzleloaders, bows, and crossbows are permitted. Hand guns are NOT permitted in Canada. Firearms must be encased and declared at the US/Canada border. Information on possessing, transporting, and bring firearms in to Canada can be found at http://www.cfc-cafc.gc.ca.

Forms can be found here:


Weather During the spring and fall hunting seasons, you can expect temperatures anywhere form 20 degrees F to 70 degrees F. Bring warm clothes, waterproof boots, warm gloves, and sleeping bags. You may also want to bring a big thermos to keep your coffee hot! Don't forget that all gun hunters must wear orange vests.

Fishing Package is Included at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Yes, that's right, if you come to Taggart Bay to hunt, you can fish too! All you'll need to do is buy a fishing license. Since so many of our hunters will get a bear or moose before the week is over, the ability to go fishing the rest of the week is a nice bonus!