Where Are Pike?

Every week there are stories of walleye fishermen losing walleyes to a big, hungry northern pike! You may not catch many  many very large pike in our lake ( Kipawa ) but because of our customers doing mainly catch and release on them we have notice a very good increase in the number of large and very large pike beeing caught every years now. Every years we see on phtos and hear about monster pike that were caught  at our lodge and every where on lake Kipawa . Each year pike over 25 pounds are caught. Fish the shallow bays early in the season and the main lake rocky shoals later in the summer and fall.

Remote Pike Lakes

We also offer a number of smaller remote lakes that abound with pike and are close to camp. They are only a few miles from  camp and are accessible by vehicle on unpaved roads.  Each lake has a camp boat and we give you a small outboard motor to use.  Some of these lakes have bass and perch in them.  Fishing in these smaller lakes are strictly catch and release, so bring your camera along.

What Should I Bring for Pike Fishing?


  • Large red/white and yellow/red spoons such as Dardevles 3″ or longer.
  • Large spinner baits work well – tandems for shallows, heavy singles for deep stuff.
  • Large jointed minnow lures such as #13 Rapalas in “Clown” or “Firetiger”.
  • Plastic-skirted jigs with plastic trailers are good for probing drop-offs.
  • Chartreuse and other bright colors are favorites.
  • Canoes are invaluable for sneaking up to pike in the quiet waters of the remote lakes.

What About Rods and Reels for Pike Fishing?

  • Medium to medium-heavy spinning and baitcasting gear works well.
  • For back lakes you can usually step down a notch and use a bit lighter tackle, but be prepared when the bigger ones hit! They have been known to jump and slash at lures right next to the boat – don’t plan on taking a snooze, the pike will keep you wide awake!

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