Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of fun with the weather again  and with some new customers . First, the weather was not too good again but it was not to bad at the end of the week . They are calling for very good weather for this coming week .  We beat another record this week at TBL with the shortest stay for a new customer at camp . This nice lady was on her first trip in a fishing lodge in Canada and really did not want to be here , so she made sure she would not stay too long.  Her excuse – our road was a cow path and she wanted out of here and she threw a fit in the office about that . The poor guy that wanted to bring her on a fishing trip will remember that for a long time .  Well I guess we have to forgive her , after all she just had sugery just before she came here and not all brain surgeries are sucessfull .  Lets talk  about another couple of  new customers  at TBL this week  : their week was a lot more fun with Andrée cactching a 36 inch northern pike and a 29 inch walleye as their best catch of the week   . Now thats the way to enjoy a fishing trip. But her husband   still thinks  he should have also gotten in the picthures for their big fish awards , as her guide HA HA . Better luck next time!  Many lake trout were caught this week as some of our customers fish mainly for them .  Most of the trout caught were between  20 and 26 inches . We had again a full lodge this week and the picnic was a lot of fun as usual . Eric , Martine , Jenny and Lorence were on their second week at the lodge for this year and have been here every year for the last  four years. They are on a family fishing trip + a family reunion type of thing which is more and more common every year at TBL . Many of our people come for fishing once in the summer and then make a second trip as a family  fishing trip .    » That is  good thinking guys!  »  .  All kidding aside,  families are more than welcome at TBL and I think there is no better sport to get your kids involved in  than fishing . A lot of our families call this lodge their home away from home or their Canadian home . Many parents told me that they really made good relations with their kids by coming fishing with them in Canada .  Make sure that you look at our family fishing weeks for next summer.  A great price and fun times are waitng for you . On another subject,  we have bought another brand new motor this week as we keep updating our equipment at the lodge . We are now trying 20hp Suzuki motors on our upgraded boats.. So far,  the person we got to try that new motor  said that this motor is great for many different reasons with just one little set back that we should be able to take care of with a small ajustment . This guy knows what he is talking about because he tried every different motor that we have gotten over the years and it was his 50th trip at our lodge for him and his wife  this week .  I want to thank you very much for all those years of faithful fishing and freindchip  with us and remember BOB,  you do get a free trip on your 75th time at the lodge!   Again,  I want to say a very spécial thank you to BOB & PHYLLIS YOCKEY for all the fun and many good memories I had with you guys since you were here the first time .



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