Dear Customers and Friends

First I  want to wish everyone a safe , healty and happy new year . 2016 is here already and we have a lot of new things waiting for you at the lodge for this coming spring . We have remodel some cabin , baught new equipment , work on the land skape , have decided of a few new way of improving our service etc etc.  You will be please with all of the improvement we have made and I am sure this coming year will be a great one . Hunting wise we have a lot of our hunt already sold for all of our lodges , but still a few spot left . Fishing wise we have a lot of week already full and we did not even start advertising for this coming season . So don’t wait to long if you want to have a chance at your week for this coming season . Fishing have been getting a lot better in the last 10 years or so , mainly because of new regulations and the good fisherman we have at the lodge . Many of you do practice a lot of catch and release wich does help a  lot keeping our big spoonner in the lake and making sure there is always planty of young and old fish in the lake . So far as hunting is concern we are seeing the better result at moose season with this regulation of one moose per two hunters  plus the fact that we don’t shoot cow every year  . Our bear hunt is as good as ever mainly because of the huge territories we use and the way we hunt . Every year all of our bear hunting area old and new are manage in a way to get great results at the same time as leaving many bear behind . Well if you have been at TBL before you know we spend all of our time , effort , and money on keeping this lodge one of the best in Canada.  If you have never been to TBL it is time to do so , you will love this place just like most of our many thounsand of customers we had over the last 28 years.  I will be leaving soon for the show season , so make sure to stop in and talk to me at one of the show.  I will  have all the info you may need for those of you that are already book with us and also for the one that want to do so.   See you all soon!!!



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