Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had great fishing and good hunting.

Hunting was nothing like the usual, 14 bears killed for 21 hunters which is about 68% killing ratio. But once you add up the 7 bears shot at and 9 bears past on it was a good week for us at TBL and it would be considered great for most of the bear camps. You must take into consideration that close to 30% of the hunters in camp have missed one or more bears this week. We had one cabin in particular that did not so great, but sometimes even us can’t figure something out to make them do as good as the other groups.


Fishing was great this week if I take it from our customers that were fishing all week. The week started ok and turned into one of the best weeks in a lot of years for some of our regular fishermen’s. One of our best and customer told us that it was one of the best years he ever had up here on Kipawa. He told us that he was not sure about the slot when it was enforced some years back but added that he can’t believe how good this system seems to work on our lake. Many of our customers are saying the same thing, more fish, bigger average sizes, less time on the water to fill their limits. Just better results and more fun since this slot as been enforced. We had many walleyes over the 25 inches caught and released this week and even a few over 30 inches reported. Pike wise we had a 40 ½ inches reported with many smaller one also caught. Bass not being in season none were brought in camp, but many were caught by mistake while fishing for walleyes. Basically, great fishing this week and with the weather they are calling for I guess it will be great fishing for a lot of weeks.

Just a few words about our bookings for the next couple of years. Our bear hunting season for 2020 has almost no room left at all and the 2021 season is starting to fill up also. There is not much place left for the first part of June 2020 either. We are full for 2019 moose hunting season, and 2020 is also starting to fill up. Please do not wait to reserve to avoid disappointments.



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