Dear Customers and Friends

First let me which everybody a much better year than the last two. I hope that everybody can be safe, healthy and that we will see all of you in 2022. Believe me when I say that us here at TBL have add the worst two and a half year of our life and our business was very bad also for that same period. But again, I which all of you a happy and prosper 2022 year.

Our 2022 season will start this year on May 14th and end in October. After all that we ad to go true in the last seasons we will be making some minor change to the way we do thing at the lodge and some minor change to some of our package. Not only did we go with out our regular customers for the last two season, but everything got so crazy in the world that the price of everything has gone sky high at the same time. Just for example between March 2020 and January first 2022 the price of gas as gone up by 2 $ a gallons. For that reason and many others, we will have to do some minor adjustment to our price for the 2022 season. As usual we will be more the fair with everybody so far as our price.

We will send everyone a personal email with and exact figure for their trip with in the next 15 days. Please check your email often and if you do not get this, please check your spam box or email to make sure you have the right date and figure for stay with us.

We will also contact everyone that are reserve with us for the 2022 season to make sure that you are still coming and to have an exact number of persons in your party. Naturally as we said in previous notice, we will not accept any increase in the number of hunters for bear or moose. Fishing parties will be able to increase their number of persons accordingly to the seize of there cabin.

You will also be asked, to provide us with a proof of vaccination just to make sure you can get across the border next spring. Otherwise, we will consider that you are not coming to TBL in 2022. We do need to ask for the proof of vaccination to secure our 2022 season, because we  already know that you will need this to cross any border in 2022.  I am sure all of you understand that this is a question of surviving for us and not just for fun.

Other thing maybe asks for helping everybody to get ready for this coming season and in order to make it a great one. But failing to answer our questions by email or phone call will mean that you are not planning  to come to TBL  in 2022.

In another line of thought a lot of you have ask us about this coming season to see what we think it will be like. Well to us and you I presume the only good thing about the fact that we had very little fisherman and hunter here at our lodge for the last two year is that we know this coming season will be one of the best fishing and hunting season we ad in many years.

So hopefully thing will go for the best and we can all get together and get as many trophies as we can in this new biggening here at TBL.

Thank you.


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