Dear Customers and Friends

87 days to go before the start of another season at TBL . We are already working on some of our improvement for the 2014 season and we have only a few shows to go to yet . Make sure that if you are not book yet to do it very soon because a lot of our weeks are getting very close to be full . We will have a lot of new thing at TBL this season . Remember that we do have a lot of special week coming up in 2014 with our last one beeing the  Big Food  Week  wich will consist of  Two different diner offered by TBL  .  With the regular Put Luck dinner that will be 3 night that you wont have to cook for yourselft . ‘ Talk about a great week ‘ .  TBL will also give you a chance to win a T-Shirt or Hat every week in 2014 just by registering  in our weekly contest  . This contest will be available to the customers present at the lodge that week by registering to our contest with your email  . So far as fishing  more and more people are asking about trolling motor on the boat . We will try to rent a few  in 2014 and see how you are going to like it and if it work out we will have more in the futur  . Please reserve a head of time if you think you would like to have one of these . It is sure that these motor help a lot in the quest for some of our fish specialy when in shalow bays . We are going to have many other new thing starting in 2014 for the 2015 season , like new package for moose , new package for bear and our family package is going to be back for sure . So a lot of new things for you at our Lodge for 2014 and in the futur . Please make sure to call or email to reserve your next trip at TBL or even better yet come and see us at one of show .



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