Dear customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had good fishing and bad fishing . Everybody know that weather as a lot to do with fishing and also your knoledge of the lake your fishing on . But this week everything seem to be a little WEIRD . The week started with a few nice day weather weise but ended in rain and cold , and that is not what was weird . A lot of fish were caught but not always by who you would tink and not always where you would think  . Many of our regular customers had a harder time catching walleyes and many of our new customers did very very good . But we can always count on our regular customers to come back on top , well anyway some of them did . At the end of the week a lot of nice fish were caught but nothing very big has the biggest Walleye was 26 inches , the biggest Lake Trout was 27 inches , the biggest Pike was 29 inches and no Bass reported . Many of the fish caught were release as we had more people doing catch and release in camp this week as i had ever seen at camp all in the same week . We had our first BIG FEAST week at TBL and it was a great success . This week consisted of 3 dinner put on by our staff including our regular Pot-Lock dinner . Note that one of our new party at the lodge braught a basket of fried fish that they had caught them self has there little contribution to the pot-lock dinner ,  that tell you how good they did at fishing this week for first timer at TBL . The other 2 dinner were a SPAGETTI dinner and a BBQ BEAR CHICKEN dinner wich were all greately appreciated and nobody could belive how much food their was , and that is great wend you think that all of this is at no extra cost . These get together are always enjoyable and many  of our regular and new customers said they want to reserve on that  week for next year . 3 less meals to prepare that is always nice !!! Watch our website for date on all of our spécial week for next year . We now have 5 different weeks at TBL where we have different little even that are realy appreciated by our customers . We have our Pike countest week in may , our Bass countest week at the end of june  , our family weeks in july , our BIG FEAST week in august  and soon to come our last week of the season Celebration Week . All of these week have spécial prise , rate or thing to enjoye so if you want to attend any of these week for next summer please contact us early for all the info and rate . On other news we will soon have our new brochure out for  years to come with some miner change to some of our package and some very small increase in price after being at the same price for 5 years . The miner change on our package are made to make them even more practicle and head hake free then before . We need to do this to keep giving all of the same service and supplie has we always did wich is what the big majorities of you guys told us you wanted . For all of the customers already book with us for 2015 it will not change anything for the 2015 season . Please note that you will still get the 2014 rate if you reserve before 09/15/2014  .



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