Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a full camp again and we had a lot of fun . We had half the camp file with regular customers and half with new customers , all together 14 cabins full . I guess we are doing something right ! This week fishing was a little harder with some very good night and very good morning , but in general harder then usual . The two big thunder storm we had last saturday followed by the 3 days of 90 degrees and dead calm lake sure did not help .  The nicer walleye I heard of was a 25 inches or should I say two 25 incher caught by two of our regular  customers Rob & Tracey . The best part about those two walleyes is that they are still swimming in our lake . Between the two of them this couple had around 250 fish this past week . Note bad for a slow week !!!  Many pike were caught by people fishing for walleyes . More and more of them are caught every week .  Many of our new customers caught lake trout for the first time in their life and were surprise of how much these fish can fight . Small mouth bass are as usual one of the fish that get everybody excited . A lot of them were caught again this week and a lot of them were over the 18 inches bariere . Rich and Helen did particully good on that . The picnic was on wednesday like the other week and everybody just love it  . It is not to hard to love this thing when you have  a bunch great people , a few fish story ,  friends and great food . All of this on our nice big deck over looking at the lake . Oups!  did I mentionned great chef to ? On the 7 new party we had here this week 2 groups reserved as they left for next year , and on the 7 groups of regular customers we had 5 of them reebook the same cabin the same week for 2016 .

On other news my helper ( Syl ) came back from vacation this week after 3 nice weeks vacation . To celebrate this we have jack up a little the dining hall and change some of the bime under it because they were bad . Now the soup is level in your bol when you go and eat at the dining hall !!! We have as usual many other projects on our list and all of them to improve our lodge for you our customers . We will be doing some more of these project in the coming weeks so don’t worry if you hear a little hammering  ha ha .  We have many thing to do and we know about them all.  In a few years I should be done with most of what I want to do and then I can started over because the first thing I did will need maintenance by then Ha Ha …..

Last minute info from one of our customer , Rich told me just before he left that he caught many many bass over the 18 inche mark and some up to 20 inches in his 2 weeks vacation with us at TBL . Wow that is some good bass fishing .

Also i forgot to say thank you to one of our regular customer for all the help he gave some of the new customers this past week  . Thanks Dick .



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