Dear Customers and Friend

This week at TBL we had a lot of nice fish caught again . The Bass season started and people really caught toads of them . Many many Smallmouth Bass over 18 inches were caught and released this week with a few trophy that were kept to be mounted . The biggesst one was caught by M. Chuck Kline, OH, with a 20 and 1/2 inches smallmouth bass  ,  M. Paul Haberny  OH was second with a 20 incher.  Walleye wise M. Woitek Borkowski,  PA,  landed a  real trophy with is 30 inche Walleye and John Conklin  NY was second with is 27 and 1/2 incher on this very good week .. Many other walleyes in the 22 to 27 inches were caught this week .  Lake trout we had Paul Haberny, OH, with a 27 inch trout.  M. Harberny  got on the board twice this week  Congadulations Paul  .  Many of you are coming in this week end for our annual Bass contest which starts this week . Over the last couple of years this contest became very popular with many of our customers  and some of our customers to be . Looking at the past years we have noticed that these bass are getting bigger and bigger every year with the biggest one registered at 23 inches  . This is one more good reason to be coming to TBL . We are going to get into July this week and we are still waiting to have some steady weather , as it has been changing very fast since the begining of the season . That should produce some very good fishing for July and August because the water is not going to warm up that much this year . The pic-nic was a great success again this week with a lot of regular customers and some new ones  that said they were impressed with all they get here for free . Remember that we do have a cabin open for the week of July 6th to the 13th .



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