Dear Customers and Friends,

Just a few words to let you guys know how much we are sorry about those past two years, where we could not have all of you our customers from the states here at Taggart Bay or Maple Leaf Lodge.  Not having our customers from the states at the lodge was very different, we are now more than ready to receive you again at in 2022.

Today I’m writing to you about the next season, 2022. At this point we already know that it will be a very busy one for us and we do have to plan for it.

On this note we will ask you to confirm that you are still planning to come and many other little answers we need about different questions we have. Note that this is a first letter (email) of a few you will get from us until everything is confirmed. (BUT MAKE SURE TO ANSWER ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS EVERY TIME YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL OR LETTER FROM US)

In some cases there will be a few changes to some of your original booking, like cabin number and a few other thing we will have to tell you about as we do get the answers to our questions from you.

Here are some of the questions we need answers for.

Please answer all questions or specific thing you want us to know by email or letter. We will still be ready to talk to you by phone, but everything will have to be done by email just to make sure we are all on the same page.

You and your group are still planning on making your trip with us in 2022?

Exact number of persons in your group and note that no increase in numbers will be accepted FOR NOW IN OUR HUNTING GROUP FOR THE 2022 SEASON.

All members of your group are vaccinated.  If you are not vaccinated and are not going to be please let us know. As we already know they will still ask for this next season.

If you do not plan to take your trip with us for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible and do use email or letter to let us know.  Also note that after 2 years of very bad business and like our policy have always been, there will not be any refund of any deposit.

Please make sure that you do answer these questions and that you confirm or not your next season stay with us.

Also do ask for a reply from us to any email or letter you will send just to make sure we did get your email or letter. Please make sure to do all the thing we will ask you as soon as possible just to avoid last minute confusion.

For our hunter only now:  If there is to many hunters for the 2022 season we will reserve you accordingly to the dates that you made your reservation, or have you stay at another lodge just beside our and still do the hunt for you , or other choice that will be given to you one group at the time.

But before we do any move of any kind, we will need everybody to answer these questions and other we may have later, that way we will be able to keep everybody inform sooner on how our next season will take place.

Please do not worry about anything we will take good care of all of you as we always did. We are just starting now to take care of this to give you and us plenty of time to plan of this right.

Thank you. 




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