Dear customers and Friends,

First let me apologize for beeing  lazy and not doing any update for such a long time.  Well we are now on our first week of operation already and things are going fast.   With the winter that  came very late and then would not leave,  everything here was a little harder then usual to open and get ready for our customers.   But now we are ready and we have already got our first bears and fish in camp.  It is a slow start compared to usual because of the cold weather we are still getting now.  On bear,  we are doing good if you consider that we have 5 bears kill this week so far and 5 missed.   Fishing,  we have only two party fishing for lake trout and since it has been under 0 oC almost every morning so far  this week they have not gone out to much.   A few lake trout were caught but none were kept as we have this new minimum size that is a little harder to meet.   But all around we are having a lot of fun and the weather is warming up very fast today and  they are calling for 10 very good days in a roll.

We have a few new rules on the lake this year so far as fishing is conserned.   First we have a limit of one trout per fisherman with a minimum size at 65 cm.  That is the new rule to help lake trout on lake Kipawa and this is following the few other rules they came up with in the last two years.   So far as walleyes is conserned,  we have now a slot on them just like most of the lake in the province of Québec and Ontario.   What is very good about our slot here on Kipawa is that we will be able to keep the best eating size and release the good sponners.   Our limit of walleyes will still be the same at 6 per fisherman.   The walleyes you will be able to keep will be in between 37 to 53 cm. or 15 to 21 1/2 inches.    In a very near futur this new rule will make lake Kipawa a even better lake for walleys  with great number of fish and quality at the same time . This new rule should have great results and make Lake Kipawa and even better place for every body to fish for years and years to come.   The only thing we would of like about all these new rules is if our government would come out with them a little earlier in the year so we could tell all of our cutomers.

So far as us we have been very busy this spring and also all winter.   First I did a few more shows then the usual and since I was not at my best,  it was a little harder.  But now everything is back to normal and everybody is working hard and the lodge is ready for another great season.  The Yockey are here already which means the 2016 season as started and many of our great Customers and Friends are going to be here soon for another great year here at TBL.

I have to mention again that some of our great Friends left us in the pass year and we are very sad about this.   Many of you our considered like family even if we don’t tell you all the time and we are always very happy to see you every year to share does greats moments and memories with you.    So I think it is very important to enjoye every minutes of our life and it is a privilege to be able to share it with so many of you here at TBL.  Please be safe and see you all soon!!



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