Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL was like many of our weeks and we had lots of regular customers in camp . It is like a little town where everybody knows everybody because most of the people in camp have been here for many years on the same week in the same cabin.  Some of the customers this past week have been with us for 27 years and a lot have been here for more than 12 years.  That tells you a little about TBL.  This week the biggest fish was a northern pike  of 42 inches caught and release by Brona Lamazzi  .  The biggest Walleye was a 28 inches caught by  Ed Cleveland .  We also had a 20 1/2  inches Small mouth Bass caught by  Bill  Krysalka .  Lake Trout wise we had Pete and Wendi with their 2 hours fishing expedition that caught 5 lakers and kept 3 , one was 27 inches another 25 and the last 24.  All together we had a great week at the lodge and fishing was great.  Bear Hunting is over for this year and we did very good again with a 91% killing ratio and a lot of hunters that either missed twice or passed on many bears.  The sighting was 99%  for our bear hunters this year.  We have 52 hunts sold for the 2015 season so if you want to book a bearhunting trip with us for next year please dont wait too long . So far as bookings for our fishing trips in 2015 we have had more bookings at this time for next year as we ever had for a following year at the same time.  We’ve had a warning from our Québec Fishing Biologist telling us that the bass on all the lakes in Québec have some kind of parasite  that may cause some bad stomach and even some longer time disconfort.  They told us that we should warn our customers about that. Well all together we are getting more fish and bigger fish year after year it seems like .



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