Dear Customers and friends,

This week at TBL we had a hard last week of hunting . Many bear were shot at but not all were retrived . Actulaly 15 bear were shot at and only 6 were retrived , and thats all I had to say about that , TABARNAC . Fishing on the other hand was good and very good . Many big walleyes , bass , and trout were caught . The biggest walleye this week was caught by Linda Miller, PA, 31and 1/2 inches.  We also ad Ryan Hines with a 27 incher . The biggest bass this week was caught by Jacky Kelly, NY, with a 20 incher .  Two other big bass were caught this week one by M. Greg Dudley, VA, with a 19 incher and he said that they caught over 150 bass this week. One other 19 inch bass was caught by Jason Hines .   Pike wise M.Dudley said they did get some but they had a lot of big pike  follow that would not take the bait . The biggest lake trout this week was caught by one of our oldess fisherman on this lake , with M.Sonny Sterner, PA, and his partner M.Willy Mathias caught two very nice lake trout one 27 and 1/2  and one of 26 inches .  We have a lot of regular customers this week at the lodge and they are not fishing that hard and still they have done very well . The weather is finaly starting to warm-up and it is helping a lot so far as fishing is concerned . Watch for last minute deals in July as we are getting close that mounth . We are going to have another contest for you soon , as we are still  doing spécial things for our 25th anniversery .



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