Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had good weather in general and realy good weather coming up for the next weeks . Fishing weise it was a little slow but we still did ok . The biggest fishs caught were a 39 inches Pike caught by Marc Lower  PA and a 26 1/2 inches Walleye caught by Pierre Lebel  QC . Many Lake Trout were also caught and a few Bass but nothing very big , but a lot of fun to catch . One of our family caught 25 lake trout just by them self this week , that is a lot of trout when you know the little time they spend fishing for them .  Most of the customers this week did not catch many walleyes , but all caught some every time they went out and every body said they were happy with what they caught and what they had to eat while at the lodge . A lot of our customers now dont even bring fish back home they eat some at the lodge and some time bring a couple home for friends but most of the people now do their part for conservation and that is part of the reason why our fishing here seems to be always keep up or even getting better year after year . This week we had some new customers and some first timers , but everybody as usual said they love our place and all of its facilities . Talking about our facilities we had another example of why it is nice and important to have road access , because  this week we had to take somebody out by Ambulance . One of our gest wich hapen to be my sister had a major healt problem and we were able in a few minute to reach a medical service that had her  transported to the closess hospital in about 1/2 hour  . Hall of this shows me one’s again that it is a lot saffer to be in a camp with road and phone access . By the way my sister is ok now at her home in Ottawa . On other news we have finaly finish painting our cabin . We have had to send- down the last 3 cabin and painted them in the same week but at least now it is all done . We also started to work on cabin 8 so far as getting it ready to be jack-up next week . Next year we will have no work to do !!! Wow what am i going to do ???



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