We’re one week into the 2017 season. We’ve had a very good year so far, we did really good on bear hunting in the first week, weather is getting better every day and the last few days have been pretty good on fishing. We’ve had a couple of nice fish caught this week mainly in the last few days. Bear hunting wise only one hunter didn’t get a bear out of the 14 we had last week. All our hunters saw bears this week and we’ve got some very nice sized bear. One group in cabin 4 did particularly good all getting bears three of which were over 300 pounds.









We did some work on some of the cabins again this year, cabin 9 and 10 now have big decks in the front just like the others. We also did some job on the inside. Every year we try to do at least a little work, here or there, to improve our lodge. This is the only way to keep our cottages and grounds top notch year after year.








We still have a few spots available for this summer so make sure to give us a call soon if you want to be with us for the 2017 season. We’ll keep you updated throuhout the season on facebook & our website, don’t miss our next weekly updates. Hope you all have a great fishing & hunting season.

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