First let me wish you all a happy and much better year in 2021. Here at TBL just like everybody we are living true some very hard time. As most of you know a very big part of our clientele is from the US. The last year we have had very few customers for fishing and hunting. The few customers that we have had were from Ontario and were at our lodge mainly for vacationning.  I had never seen that many kayak, canoe and paddle boat in our bay!!!Naturally we are very greatfull that these peoples were nice enough to rent cottage from us which help us a lot in the hard time we are living.

So far as what a lot of you are wondering about (border opening)  we know very little right now. No guaranties of any kind for the next season so far.

But here is some thing that we are trying to do right now. First we are trying to get a special fall bear hunt in case the border are still close in the spring so some of you can come and do a hunt with us then. We are also moving a lot of customers on there demand from 2021 to the 2022 and 2023 season . We are in the process of moving some customers from hunting or fishing season in the spring to a fall hunt or fishing trip. We are trying to think about other solution to help all of you and we will keep all of you posted on everything we can come up with..

We know that a lot of you have been out of work and had many other problems with this situation going on all over the world. That is why we are letting you change your reservation to any of the next 3 years without any problem or lost of your deposit. We understand as we are also in the same boat , thing change and that we or you can not always be in control.

So for now I would resume my little update like that.

First : no news yet about the border for this coming spring.

Second:  we are working on some differents ideas to help you out in differents ways.

Third: If you are not sure or if you can not do this 2021 season we are offering anybody to move there trip date to any other years in the next 3 years.

Fourth : We are also offering to change your date and package to a later dates. EX: Change your spring bear hunt into a fall moose hunt or a june fishing trip into a fall fishing trip etc…

Fifth : We will have more and more post on our website so please watch for last news on our website update and news scroller. As soon as we have 100% sure news about anything specially the border we will contact everybody. If you are thinking of switching your reservation for any other date please contact us as soon as you can because a lot of you have switch already and

2022 is starting to fill up.

Thank you and stay safe.



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