Dear customers and friends

This week at TBL we had a good week for hunting and so for fishing.  Water is still very cold and the fish are still a little slow even though some of our regular customers said they had one of the best week they ever had. Most of our fishermen were new customers and a lot were hunters and both did not catch that much fish. Here at TBL as everybody knows we do everything we can for all of our customers but weather we cannot change. Some very big and nice walleyes were caught and released but not in great numbers with the exception of a couple of our regular parties.

Hunting was good with 16 bears killed out of 20 hunters which is the new maximum of hunter we take for our hunts in one week. With all of these new territories that we added to our regular one + the 2 new guides we hired our capacity of hunters as increased a little over the years. Those new territories are very good and we know that over the next years are going to get even better. No wonder we have so many regular and new customers. With all of the things we offer  on our hunts many of our weeks for hunting are booked a year and even two years in advance. The most appreciated things are the extra days stay, the full fishing package, our very high killing ratio and the fact that we tag our customers bear right at the camp. This makes it one of the best black bear hunts in Canada.

On other news , I know that I am very lucky to have all this great hard working crew at my lodge.  Our guides and all of our staff here at TBL work very hard for everybody so far as fishing , hunting , cooking , cleaning  etc etc… I am at the very least very disappointed when for exemple I see guys come here and make our guides work all night to find their wounded animal or break their back to get their game out of the worst spot and give them so little or nothing as tip.  I am also very upset when I see guys beeing served all week with great meals and waited on and give nothing to the person that take care of them all week. Wow I still can’t believe some of these people.

We are lucky that most of our customers are not like that. Thanks Alan for cleaning up your boat and for the present you brought.  Thank you Richard and Jennifer for the great tip to one of our guide. Thank you Tom for the little present and your always great company and stories.  Thank you John for always bringing such a big groups, which are always very polite and careful with all of our equipement and thank you very much for the more then generous tip for the guides .

Well I guess that we have a lot more good customers than I tought and thank God there are many more to come.

Now our season has really started and I hope weather is going to get a little warmer soon.



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