Dear Customers and Friends

First I want to apologize for not doing a weekly update last week. I was away for two days and forgot to do it when I came back. But one thing I can say about last week is that fishing was good  for our regular customers and for some of our new one. We met some new people that were very nice and for all four of these new partys. Their week seems to have been good since they all said they were coming back next year. TBL and lake Kipawa strikes again .

This week at TBL we had some very nice day and some, a little less nice, fishing all around was very good. Some guys caught a lot of fish and some caught less. But in general we had a lot of happy campers. This week we had new cutomers that caught a lot of fish and even one record walleye over the 35 inches. What a great way to be first time customer at TBL. We also had a couple  big groups of fishermen that said the fishing they did here this week was the best they had in all of the camp they ever been to. They also said that the lodging, equipement and service here at TBL was the best they ever had in any fishing lodge they ever been to. Fishing over all for walleyes, bass and pike was good in the last to weeks, better then I’ve seen in a few year at this time of the year. Many new customers of our have rebooked their next year trip just like so many of our regular customers. We also had some very funny things this week, like one of our customer that took the plug out of the boat to drain it and couldn’t put it back. It took Lise to give him another one and tell him how to take care of this little problem! Lucky he was able to put it back, if not we would’ve had our first submarine at TBL so far this year. So the award this week goes to cabin 8. We had two very good picnic with a lot of people on both weeks and everybody that were there enjoyed it very much. Those picnic are always a great place to make new friends meat your friends from other years and have some great food and great fishing tip. If you are at TBL later on this summer make sure to attend our weekly picnic you will enjoy it .

Have you released a fish today ?



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