Dear Customers and Friends,

At TBL this week we had a record week so far as weather. Every day but friday was very hot.  Fishing as finally  slowed down.  More nice fish were caught by trolling then still fishing or drifting.  Hot N Tot still did very good and some other secret lures also did good.  You will get to know those lures when you come to the lodge, there is a lot more people reading this update then I tought. Bass this week was good with some monsters caught by some of our customers, some even mesured up to 21 inches. The biggest walleye this week was caught trolling and was over the lenght of our mesuring tape by 4 inches at least. Note that our mesuring tape are 26 1/2 inches.  A couple of big pike were caught but not landed this week as the net were to small to be able to get them in the boat.  This is not unusual on Lake Kipawa. Fishing really picked up on thursday night and friday as the weather got cooler and we also had a lot of rain.

We had quite a few new customers this week and they all told us what most of our new customers tell us on there first time here. First that they can’t believe that they are getting all of what they get for the little money we ask. Second that they can’t believe how quiet and remote this place is while at the same time being easy to get to and so confortable. They say you can park your car beside one of our cabin , put your stuff in the cabin and you are ready to go. The boat is only a few step away and lake Kipawa is all your to explore.

I guess that is what most people want now , a quiet and safe place to go with a fantastic lake like our. With all of the good equipement and lodging we provide what more can you hask for. Fish On !!!

We did a lot of work also this week at the lodge ,new deck on cabin 11 , redone part of the road, new backing in the batroom of cabin 11-12-13, new big trailler to store our bait for bear hunting and much more. That is why people like TBL we spend a lot of money making our lodge better for our customers. We are not only here to take money and run it’s our way of living and the way we see the world , give back to the ones that give you .

Again this week we had a lot of good regular customers. We had Bob and Philys, Éric and Martine, Bob and Nancy, Richard and Debra also Brian, Mark, Joe , Pédro and Dave. These regular and new customers always make our job more fun and our weeks easier. Thanks to all of you that makes all of our life so good.



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