Dear Customers and Friends

First I want to apologise for not having an update last week .  I was away from the lodge in Outfitters meetings for a few days and I did not think about it when I came back . This week will be the last week that I will have a regular weekly update as the fishing season is over for us . This week we had a lot of walleyes and lake trout  caught by many of our Customers . A few Bass and Norhtern Pike were also caught but not in great numbers as nobody really fished for them .  Some days were better then others but over all it was a good week of fishing as usual at this time of the year . This season was a good season so far as fishing and hunting was concerned, but it was not are best year ever . It is very easy to know why this season was not are best ever  . Just with the time wasted not being on the water because of bad weather .  We must of had many many days less of fishing then in a regular year . Also our regular Customers had a harder time finding the fish which were not where they usually are , because of different water temperatures  . Dont get me wrong,  we still caught a lot of very nice fish and we had a lot of good times with our customers and friends , and that  is what all of this is about . Mother nature was not the best help this season,  but with all of the improvements we do at TBL every year people are still more then satisfied with their stay with us . As I told you in previous updates,  our next years season is looking very very good . Some of our new things did help in bringing more customers in for the little space we have every year.   Our SPÉCIAL WEEKS are very popular and some of them are already full . Like we annonced in the last few update,  we will have many different things going on next season . Some of the most popular ones being our Catch and Release Pike week in May 24 t0 31,  2014,  with a 10% discount on prices , Our Catch and Release Bass contest on june 28 to july 5th , Our Family weeks on july 12th to 26 with a spécial price per family at 1095$ per family . All of these spécials are done to thank you for all these years of faithfull business you gave us over the years . We are also  looking at makeing another spécial week at the end of the season next year  . That week will have many surprises and great deals for anybody that as been at our lodge in our 25 years of existance . We will keep you informed through the winter on this spécial week .  Dont forget that we do have that spécial offer starting in 2014 on regular customers bringing or sending new customers to TBL ( call for more info  » off  of your next stay with us  » ) . Our little contest we had this year about whoever was shearing our info on facebook with their friends was a great success with Rich and Monica Dyer  NJ winning it . The only thing you had to do to win this was to share our info with your friends on facebook . Well we are going to started this contest again for this coming year 2014 . Get ready and start shearing ,and good luck !!! Well I guess I made up for not writing an update last week . Keep on checking for our updates as they will not be as steady but we will have some to keep you informed on TBL . Please dont wait to reserve for next year as many of our weeks are already getting full . Thank you all very much again for all of your support over the years .   Thanks





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