Dear Customers and Friends,

This week at TBL was our last full week for fishing customers.  From now on we will have only 5 or 6 groups per week with the fishing and hunting going on at the same time.  We will have some customers fishing only,  some on Cast and Blast and some moose hunting bow and arrow.

This past week was a good one with a lot of regular customers in camp and a few new one . Fishing was good some days and not so good other days for our regular customers but a little hard for people on there first time.  Any nice walleyes were caught and release and some nice bass also.  More walleyes fisherman were here then anything else,  but we had a few nice laker reported and also a few nice pike.  Some of our customers were here for there last time in the 2016 season and were already talking about there next year trip.  At the picnic this week we had a lot of fun as many of our clients are friends with us and with each other, the picnic was a hughes success again.  The Dimon party , the Sterner party , the Yockey party , the Rawson party , the Duda party , the Burford party , the Schlott party , the Hundzienski party and the Miller party were all good regular party at the picnic this week . There was so much food that we could not eat half of it , many people had there lunch for the next few days . Good friends , good food , good stories , a little beer and a lot of fun . We were lucky to have a lot of regular this week with some that have been here for more then 30 years .

One of these very special customer , FRIENDS is Ed H. that as been helping us in so many ways over all these years . It is hart warming to see somebody do so much for somebody else with out asking for nothing in return . We are very lucky to have such a Friend and we are honored to call him our friend . The best part about this men is that I know he does the same thing for everybody he know. Everybody should be lucky enough to have a friend like this. Thank you some much Ed .

We also had a big celebration this week for the 80th birthday of a couple of our regular customers.  We are already planning there 60th wedding anniversary for 2021 .

On other news we have had nothing but good comment about our addition on cabin 1,2,3 at Maple Leaf . Everybody is more then please with our new deck on the cabin . As usual we are getting a few new things ready for next year and we are planning on getting some new equipment also for this coming season .

Our new package cast and blast is sure working with 7 party taking advantage of it for this first year. This combinated with some bow hunting for moose and some more fishing party will give us another 3 to 4 weeks of operation . New customers and regular are loving our new offers . Now you will be able to fish all the way to the first week of october .



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