Dear Customers and Friends,

I have been all over the differents shows this year and I was very happy to see many of you there.  It seems like it was a long winter where many good and sad things happen.  First we have lost a few very good customers FRIENDS,  this winter and we also know that some other FRIENDS won’t be able to join us this comming summer and all of that make us very sad.  I have over the years met many very good people at my lodge and I guess I am very lucky for that.  This job of mine give me time to get to know people a little more than most of the people get to know each other and I am very happy about that  . Naturally,   I don’t have enought time to do everything I would like to do with every one but it is always a good feeling when I can stop and really talk with some of you.  I am not the kind of guy that will do or show a lot of emotion but i am very good at knowing good person and not so good person.   I am lucky that many many of my customers are such good person.   I guess you get the customers that you want or deserved after all these years and everybody knows that I never put up with to much agravation here at OUR LODGE . When I say OUR LODGE I mean our Lodge to all of us Customers and Friends that are part of this TBL family.  I think I have done not to bad at making our lodge a good and nice second home for many of us, Iwill keep on doing it the best I can.  I did have some little problem at some of the shows this year and I want to say a special Thank you to my very good friends Ed Hundenski that went way out of is way to help me like,  he always does . Many others customers help me a lot this year in the show and I think I could no had a made it without them , thank you all for that.    I guess that resume some of the sad and good things that happen this winter.  iI will finish this by saying again THANK YOU very much to all of you that are making TBL what it is and THANK YOU for making my job so enjoyable.  I guess we will talk about fishing and hunting another time !

A special thank you and love you to Audrey.



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