Dear Customers and Friends,

First week of moose hunting over with . Just one week of hunting left and one week at our 2017 season. Well this week we had 2 moose kill until last night . One late kill yesterday night made it 3 moose for the first week + one at bow season. Not bad but we do better then that usualy. Notice that a couple of our customers did see some moose that they could not shoot at , like the Lindstedt party that saw 5 moose at the same time accross a lake to far to shoot at.  That’s what you call real sport man .

I did check with our local check station for moose and they told me that the killing is down all over do most likely to the really warm weather we been having this year . We had many good comments on our service , hunting territories ,cabin and the whole experience from a lot of our Customers.I guess this mean we are doing good after all.

One thing they really like is the fact that we charge for a lot of thing only if they kill a moose. That way we can keep our price more then reasonable , so all of our customers can try this hunt at least one time in there life. Notice that we do have customers that have been with us for moose hunting for the last 30 years and many for 10 or 12 years. Moose hunting is really a great experience and a fantastic time of the year to be outside and explore are great nature and get to see all kind of different game.

Talking about different game our bear are anxious for us to start baiting again next sping . They are so anxious that they are coming to the site where we get rid of our moose left over after buchering . Last night two giant male were fithing over the scrap and bone that were there. That is looking good for next spring.

To end this weekly update I want to inform you of a realy bad news , one of our best Customer and great friend GARY SAWYER have past away a while  a go. Gary and Carol were long time Customer and and friends . Gary was Customer of TBL longer then i owned it and consider one of our best Customer. But not only was he a great Customer he was a great man . I have spent great time with him and Carol every of those moment will always be in my memories as some of the best at TBL. He was one of our best lake trout fisherman and also some one we always look forword to see .

We will miss you very much my old friends , thanks for all these great time and memories.



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