Dear Customers and Friends,

This week at TBL we ad the same thing as last week , Great fishing and Great hunting.  Hunting wise we had 6 bears kill out of 7 hunters with the only hunter that left the camp without a bear , past on one and mist one on his week , not bad of a week I think . One very large bear ( in the 350 categorie ) was also killed by one of our Young hunter . The Miller’s family was again this time very succesfull at hunting and fishing.

Fishing we have ad some great fish caught again this week. The best one this week was the 32 » walleye caught by Bill Krysalka one of our friends and regular customers at TBL . Bill and Janet are both avid fishermen and are very serious about there fishing. They are one of our many parties of fishermen that do and promote catch and relase. They are ferme believer in keeping just enought for what they need to eat and that is all. Because of a lot of our customers that do this our lake is getting better and better all the time. Congrat on that walleye Bill.

Beside that 32 incher we did have report of 27 and 28 inches walleyes that were caught this week also. That slot is realy working out for our lake , already many of our customers are saying that they catch a lot more big female which is very good for any lake. Good fishing come with good management.  Also this past week we had some guys do very good on lake trout with many of them catching more then 5 trout each in one afternoon. One of our main attraction so far as fish here at TBL is walleyes naturally , but many of our customers do love the incredibal bass fishing that we also have on this lake with small mouth bass over the 20 » and more beeing a common  thing. They are fun to fish for in the day time when walleyes are a little slower. Many very big one also reported this past week.

Two very large pike were reported this past week even if we did not have any customers really targetting pike this past week. One was 42 inches caught by Mike C. from PA and the other at 40 inches caught by Jerry T. from OH. More and more big pike are caught every year do to the increasing number of our customers doing catch and release on all the different fish we have in our lake. That is why Kipawa lake is going to do better and better all the time.

This past week was also one of the week like many other where we ad a lot of our regular customers and friends at the lodge. Some are there for there two annual week some for there first week but all are repeat customers at many weeks a year. There must be something they like here!!! They always do good on fishing and some time extrimely good. But one thing is sure we always enjoye them and have fun when they are here. Thank you Kim , Bob , Steve , Patty , Pete , Wendy , Roy, Ron, Dennis, Bill , Janet , Greg , Annette , Greg , Edward and all of the other regular and new customers that make our job more fun week after week.

The picnic this week was a success with all of the regual attending but was also one of our last regular schedule  one. From now on,  we will have them just on a random base and or on request when possible.

As some of you have notice we have and will do some little changement at TBL for the futur years. Some exemple are the remote pike lake, the picnic, etc. etc. More little changement will be made in the furtur years to make sure we can keep on offerring our best quality of service and equipement like we always have. We will ask all of you our regular customers true this season what you think about these little changement so we do what is best for you and us in the furtur season. Please don’t be shy and talk with us about your idea for the lodge and help us make it better and still as affordable for all of you.

Please remember to use our ( HOW TO GET THERE SHEET ) or our direction on the website or brochure to get to TBL .More people Google our mailing address and end up at my house instade of the lodge. There is GPS coordinate on the brochure and website if you have any problem just contact us by email or phone before you come up.





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