Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL  we had a little rain and lots of sun and hot weather. Fishing was hot for some and cold for some. We had people telling us that it was their best fishing trip ever, here at TBL, others waited the last day to tell us they were not doing so good. It was very hard to help this crew with their last day morning, but all through the week I have help guys to go from catching a few fish to catching a very fair amount. Mainly the people that listen and do what we tell them to d,  the way we tell them to do it and when and where to do it usualy do good or very good.

This week again we had a full camp. Many of our customers this week were fishing but not so seriously. At this time of the year it is not unsual to have people that come here for a little fishing a lot of relaxing, some visiting and to make there little daily campfire. This is a great and easy way to enjoy time with your friends and family. With the new provincal park that just opened only a few minutes away from the lodge, we have one more attraction here at TBL. Many of our customer went to take a walk in that new park to observe the fantastic sceneries .

But back to fishing a lot of walleyes and bass were caught but none were extremely big. I think it is the first week this year that we did not have some very large walleyes or bass reported. The bigger walleye we heard about this week was a 27 inches and the bigest bass was a 19 inches. One big lake trout 27 1/2 inches was caught and kept by one of our fishermen  because he  wanted to get it mounted .

We had a great time at the picnic, we had 29 persons attending and the turkeys were great if we believe all the comments we had. Turkey on the spit can’t be beat. With all the family’s in camp this week many kids were able to try fishing for the first time and most of them did say they loved it. TBL with is easy access and proximity to different service like hospital is a great and safe place to bring the whole family young and not so young. We offer a lot more than most of the lodges with our road access and all of the different things to see and visit around the lodge. Many of our customers bring their ATV and have access to many many milles of trail with their dozen of lakes, rivers and sceneries to discover not far from the lodge. Everything here is made to keep everything very quiet around the lodge at all time ATV and other machine are only permited to be use out of the lodge surroundings. If you have never been here come and enjoy this paradise with us and if you have been here you already, you know about our paradise, so please don’t wait and reserve your next trip with us.




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