Dear Customers and Friends,

It as been a long time since my last update but I was waiting for the end of the season to rap up all of the last weeks together.  We have less customers at this time of the year and less things happening so here is what happen on these weeks of fishing and hunting.

First fishing in general was a little harder then usual for that time of the year.  A lot of our customers did  good but some had a hard time adjusting to the warmer weather and the different area where the fish were this year. But in general most customer said they loved there trip at the lodge anyway.

Moose hunting was good but also slower then usual and really not as good as last year . We had two weeks of bow season where the weather was extremely warm and nothing really moved and very few of our calls were answer to.  Bow season ended with no moose compare to last year with 2 moose kill and many many close call.

Gun hunting was better than bow even if the weather was not how it should a been . First we had a lot of  last minute cancellation for our gun season which did not help our killing ratio. Seacond we had a lot of new moose hunter with us which did not help an either.  But most of the problem came from the weather.  Some days we were walking around with T-Shirt in the middle of october.  Hard to get the moose to move around in that type of weather. We will try also to have more spots that we can drive to next year because some of our customer don’t like to cross the lake to get to there hunting ground.  Only 4 moose killed and one missed in the two weeks of gun season.

So this is the end of another great season at TBL. We hope to see you in great number again next year . We have some new things and services to offer for the 2017 season and we hope that you will be able to make it here to enjoye our lodge again.  This past year gave us great fishing for the most part may june and july a specialy were very good,  august was not as good as usual but not bad in the first part.  We had a great bear huning season also,  only our moose season was not to good compare to the usual .

Well this will be my last update for a while please keep watching for the next one which I will try to do about every month.  For now I want to take this opportunity to thank every one of our customers for everything you do for us and hope that TBL brought you again this year many good memories for the future .



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