Dear Customers and Friends

As i told you a while a go my weekly update are few and far a part at this time of the season . But i wanted to let you know what we did on our last weeks of the season at the lodge . First we had only moose hunting on the last two weeks and they were a hard last two weeks . i had never seen what happen in 27 years here but i guess we were do for a bad and weird moose season . Many moose were seen but not one was kill . Between all of our hunters they seen many cow ( 9 ) wich were not in season so they could not shoot them . They also seen 5 cafts wich nobody wanted to shoot well but one guy !!! The little BIP BIP BIP of caft went way to fast wend he cross my pat one evening ,  for me to have time to shoot , wich i would of done if i could of . Just need a little of meat for the winter . Bull weise we seen 4 and they were all mised for different reason all better reason  then the other . On top of that we had many of our hunters that did not see anything that they wanted to shoot at or not seen anything period . Well it was perty good so far as the number of moose seen what was very weird is that with all of those moose seen not one of them kill . i guess this call for a very good year next year and that what a lot of our guys think as they reserve most of our spot for next year . i wanted to make a spécial  annoncement in this moose report . Due to one of my good Customer and Friend Kim Brown that is picking at me when i have a hard time at moose season , i want to annonce that Kim Brown is now band from TBL for our futur moose hunting season !!! That while show you Kim . Our season is over so far as customers in camp but we have about 5 weeks to go just for  closing this place up and doing a few job that we wanted to do before the snow come . After that i can work on the equipement in my garage for 4 to 6 weeks  and then go to the show and start all over again , what a exiting life . HO YA i will take a few weeks off somewhere before next season start . i will try to keep you inform has much as i can true the off season and  email me has much as you want wend you want to hask anything about our service or our next season . i was not talking to you Kim !! Well i guess it is all for now i want to thank you all very much for your suport and your beseness at TBL wich is what it is because of you . Thank you very much from everybody at TBL and see you all next season even you Kim .



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