Dear Customers and Friends

TBL is in the shows starting this weekend with Harriburgh PA . We will do all of the regular show we do every year . We have decided this year to go back to an old way of doing thing in the shows . So we can complete with all of the other outfitters and guides that are selling bear hunt in the shows  we have decided to start putting up some bear rug or mont like we use to do back then . We know that some of you have rug and mont that you don’t have room for any more and we think we can do something with them . Keeping in mind that we dont want to have to bring any thing over the border and we don’t have to kill some bear in order to do that , we have decided to ask anybody here in the US to tread something for there old rug or mout . if you have one of these at home that you want to get reid of  or that she want to get reid of,  let us know !!! We maybe able to make a deal . Please note that I have to see the rug or mont before we can make any type of deal . Only certain rug or mont will do for the specific thing we want to do with . Here is a few shows we will be at in the next few weeks , Harrisburg PA , Monroeville PA , Novi MI , Columbus OH , Hamburgh NY . On other news our winter is not very hard this year , everybody predict a hearly spring . Some of our lake were not even frozen good still a few weeks ago . So far as snowmobiling it was not the best of winter . We should be ready for a good and early spring and we will be happy to see you all up there .



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