Dear Customer and Friends

This week at TBL we had some good fishing and our best week of bear hunting so far this year, I know it is hard to believe after the first two weeks that were great but we did even better. First walleyes have started to bite a little everywhere with some boats bringing 5 or 6 at the time and from a lot of different spot. Our outpost cabin with our long time and very good customers Tibor and his regular party have done the best in whole camp from what we know. Nice pikes nice walleyes were caught in many different spots and with different techniques. Like most of our regular customers Tibor and his party always do good or very good. Once you have learned how to fish this lake it will keep on giving you very good result overall.

Hunting this week gave the best results so far this year. We got 21 bears out of 24 hunters and some that did not get their bears missed one and/or passed on more then one. Not bad for our third week of hunting. This is one of the worst spring we ever had with the weather being so cold and how late the spring was, but our result are just outstanding. 16 bears out of 21 hunters on the first week, 17 out of 21 hunters on the second week, and 21 out of 24 hunters on the third week. Yes TBL produces more bears and bigger average week after week and year after years just because of the money, time and effort we put in all of our hunts. Naturally the size of territory and the number of baits we use is the key factor in this great accomplishment. Yes our hunts prices are a little higher than some other camps but to do what we do the way we do it and keep the fantastic results we have, it takes a little more money. If you have never done this and want to try it once make sure you try us out first, you will be more the satisfied.  

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