Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had great fishing for some and just good fishing for others. Bass fishing was fantastic with trophies fish caught every day. Our customers are saying that walleye fishing is great on Kipawa and getting better all the time. But everybody is also saying that we now have world class bass fishing on lake Kipawa. Let’s not forget that almost every week some of our customers catch pike over 40 inches. The choice that a lot do to catch and release, here on lake Kipawa, has sure changed the results that we get on all the different species. It’s easy to see the very good results that we get, not only on walleyes because of the slot, but on all the fish on this lake. Now a lot of our customers say FISH ON and FISH RELEASED. Don’t get me wrong most of our customers do eat fish while they are here and some bring a few home for a meal with friends, but this thing about killing all the fish they catch is really long gone now here at TBL.



A few words about our hunts, we are now selling our bear and moose hunts for the 2021 season only here at TBL, we do have room for a few bear hunters at Holden Lake our other bear camp, but even there we are running out of room for 2020. Our constant improvements and our low prices are some of the reasons why we have so many repeat and new customers every year. We are currently looking at our price list for 2020 and we think we found a good way not to increase our basic package for the 6th year in a row. We will keep you updated on that through the summer. Naturally everybody that is reserved or will reserve this summer will get this year prices with this year package no matter what we decide to do.

We will let you know soon what shows we will be in for the 2020 season, if you want to make reservations before that please call or email us at our regular number and email.




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