Dear Customers and Friends


This past week at TBL we had a very good week with good fishing. Some of our customers did very good while some did just good. So far as the one that did not do good it was a combination of a few things that made their week of fishing not as good as everybody else. First, they did not do what we told them to do. Second, they wanted to fish where they thought the fish were and not where they really were. Finally, they spent a lot more time travelling then fishing. We are sad when a few groups like this don’t do as good as they should because there is no reason at all for this on lake Kipawa and specially here at TBL. We have people to help you with the fishing at all time. On top of having your first tips and instructions on fishing at the office on the first day with me or my son Patrice, we have Greg and Annette with us in the office most weekends. They are also available all week to answer your questions concerning fishing, to keep you inform on any changes in the fish whereabouts and the preferred lures and baits. Anyway, most of the time if you listen to us your week of fishing will be great. Greg and Annette are another great addition to our staff here at TBL, they help and inform all of our new and regular customers about fishing and other things.

So, altogether we did very good fishing wise again here at TBL. Naturally it is easier weeks where we have a lot of regular customers like these past weeks. I must mention Rob and Tracey that were here again this week on their second week in a row and did very good again, as usual. A lot of you know them because they have been here for a long time and are one of the groups that always does very good fishing on their two weeks in July. There count this year was 83 bass , 2 pike, 142 walleyes; very good for anyone but a little less then usual for them. Their biggest fish was a walleye of 29 ½ inches.

The cabins, equipment and services were just as good as the fishing, and that might be why we had 70% of our customers rebook on the spot for the 2020 season. We usually start every season with that many regular customers in camp for the whole season. By the time we are done doing our regular advertisements, all our lodge is usually full for the season with about 65 to 70% of regular customers.

 Other good news for 2020, we have decided to keep all the same equipment and packages like we always had. Our upgraded boats, unlimited gas etc. We were trying to find a way to keep our prices the same again for a sixth year in a row by taking a few things out of our packages but after talking with many of you we have decided to keep everything the same so far as our packages. The only thing we will have to do this year is raise our price a little, because we can’t keep giving so much for so little or our lodge will not be what it has always been. The increase in price will be of 3,60$ per day per person which will make the increase about 25$ per person for 7days around 720$ per person per week instead of 695$. We think that this is a very reasonable increase in price and it will allow us to keep all of our regular equipment and packages the same for the next years.