Dear customers and Friends

This past week at TBL we had a great week with very good weather and some fantastic fish caught. First, I have to talk about the biggest fish of the week with a 46 ½ inches northern pike caught by one of our customers with the help of Gary Schlot, Gary himself caught a 42 inches pike. So, I guess Gary knows how and where to get them. We also had a new customer Patrick that caught many lake trout, a bunch of very nice walleyes and some big bass, it was his first time on the lake, other groups were saying they were being outfished because of beginners luck. I think that was the most lake trout caught in such a short time that I have seen in a long time.

We also had a great surprise at the lodge last week, some of our very good friends and customers were back after a few years away. Jim and Jeffrey said that they did good and that they were catching walleyes over the slot. Again this week we had a fire on the lake not too far from us, this one was not started by lightning, like the one on the previous week, but by a very stupid group of people that went and started a fire on and island and did not put it out properly. All of that when the risk of forest fire was very high. Luckily someone saw it and put it out fairly fast before it burned too much of the island.

Well already in august and a few weeks to go before the end of our fishing season. I hope the month of august is going to be as good as the rest of the summer fishing wise.







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