Dear Customers and Friends

Sorry about the delay on last week weekly update but some last-minute little problems stopped me from having time to write my weekly update and say goodbye before I left camp for a little vacation. Planes do not wait. As you must know for a few years, we have been closing the lodge for a week at the end of august so we can have a little vacation in the summer before the very hard time of moose hunting comes around.

The main thing I wanted to tell all the people that were at the lodge last week is that I am very sorry that I did not have time to go and say bye to all of you. We had a lot of very good customers in camp again last week and I wish I would of have time to talk a little and say thanks in person to you all.

Beside that last week was very good weather and fishing wise. Again, some of our best fisherman were in camp and did really good. We had a lot of you rebooking for next season and even some that rebooked for two weeks. Next year we will have the camp opened for fishing all through august and until the 11th of September. As of now, TBL is already booked a little more for the 2020 season then it was last year at the same time. Please do not wait to reserve your spot to avoid disappointment.



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