Dear Customers and Friends,

Last two weeks at TBL have been very busy and very productive. Yes our moose season was very good in general and not too bad at all weather wise. According to the rules of moose hunting here in Quebec and with the number of hunters we had on the first week the maximum of moose we could’ve harvested for that first week was 12. First week was very good so far as killing ratio with 7 moose harvested which gives us a 58% killing ratio, not counting one miss and two other passed on which would gave us a ratio little over 80%.  So at the end of the first week we did extremely good compared to most of the areas in Canada.

The second week was not quite as good but very good anyway when you think that we had a possibility of 11 moose for the number of hunters we had in camp and we ended up with 4 moose killed which gave us a 36 % killing ratio. Again we had two moose missed that took our ratio down a little. Not bad at all for a second week. When you know that some of the hunters we had this second week were not and will never be moose hunters or big game hunters of any kind, you understand that we did very good. It is sad but every year we get one or two parties of moose hunters that spend more time sitting in the cabin than hunting. Even worse, when they do go out once in a while they spend their time doing everything we told them not to do just because they think they know what they are doing. I guess we will never figure that out. If it would not have been for a few of those parties this year would have been most likely our record year. But,  like I said overall we did very good this year at moose hunting just like our bear and fishing season.

The new park they have started very close to our lodge is already starting to show on our result for bear and moose hunting. All of our hunting areas were and still are getting better because of the good management of bear and moose population we do and because of the good rules established by our fish and game ministry. But now with the protected territories provided by the park just a few miles away from some of our hunting spots, the quality of our hunts and our results are going to get better even faster.

And now let me thank you all for your support again this year and for being so faithful over the years. We are happy and proud of having such a large and good clientele. A lot of you became friends more than customers over the years and we are very happy about that too. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH and see you all next year at TBL or one of our other lodges don’t stop emailing or calling us we are always happy to hear from you.




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