Dear customers and friends,

The 2019 season has now been over for a few month and the 2020 season is right around the corner. We will start our show run around the U.S. in January which is coming very soon. We will have some great new things to offer you on top of the same great packages we always had for fishing and hunting . We are victims of our own success and we have a lot of our packages already sold for 2021 and even more for 2020. Everyone that reserves as they leave the lodge are fine, their spot is secure. But if you did not reserve and give your deposit for 2020 please call or email right away to book your stay with us because we have a lot of weeks full already.

For example we do have two of our bear hunting lodges that are full already with a few openings left at our third bear camp, (Holden Lake) so if you were planning to hunt with us in 2020 please call or email right away. We even have 29 bear hunts sold for 2021 between our three bear hunting camps.

Fishing is a little different because of our capacity to take in a lot more fisherman at a time, but even there we have a lot of weeks full already. So again please do not wait and contact us to avoid disappointment.

Finally, we still have a little room for moose gun hunting on the first week and a little more for the second but not much all together. For the few weeks of bow hunting for moose season, we have room for only two more party of hunter.

Our 2020 season is looking very good just like all the previous twenty years were here at TBL and all of this is because of you; our customers and friends, that have been with us for so many years. We have put a lot of time, money, effort, and love in all our lodges over the last 31 years.  It is always gratifying when we see all of you coming back year after years having fun with us, fishing and or hunting; getting small, medium, big and even trophy fish and game over the years. But the most important thing for us is seeing you guys having a good time in a very good environment, making friends and memories for a lifetime.

Thank you all for that.


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