This message is intended for our July and August  US customers:

Dear Customers

After today announcement we now know that the border will not open on June 22nd.  Now that we know that it will not open until at least July 21st and most likely not until August 21st from what official are saying up here, we wanted to let you know that we think you should start planning for something else again this year.  Naturally all of your booking will be automatically transferred to 2022, but we are offering you a chance to come and visit us this year at a later date if possible for you on September 4th to the 11th. We know that these dates won’t be good for some of you because of your vacation planning and that is why we wanted to warned you as soon as we could.  If you can’t make these dates, which are the first opening we have this season, we’ll transfer your reservation to the same week for the following year and that will also give you time to plan another vacation somewhere else for this summer.  Please contact us to let us know if you want to come and visit us from September 4th to the 11th or if you want to just plan for next year. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CONTACT US EITHER WAY OR WITH ANY QUESTIONS.  We are again very sorry about that but it is completely out of our control and we know even if a lot of people are saying it is going to open that the chances that the border open  August 21st are so slim that I think it would be wise to start planning for this. Hopefully you can make it up here in the begging of September and if not we will be more than glad to see you next year at the lodge.

Thank you very much.


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