Dear Customers and Friends

It as been a long time since our last update. In the meantime, our website system was updated and we started working at the lodge. The first week of the year is now done. This year again we had a very late winter, we are at least a couple of weeks late, bugs didn’t even start coming out yet. Our first week of hunting was good considering the temperature, nights are still pretty cold and we had a lot of rain, but we managed to get good numbers anyway 16 bears out of 21 hunters. We’ve got very good staff and guides here at Taggart Bay Lodge, usually once customers start hunting the way they should be, it’s not too long until they get their bears. We’re here to help and we’ll do anything to make your hunt successful. We like bear hunting because we know the time and efforts we put into it pays off, the only things we can’t control is weather and our hunters shooting (which seems to be getting worst and worst every year). 9 bears were missed just last week out of the 21 hunters. Water levels are very high here, lake is at least a couple of feet higher than it usually is and with the very late winter the water temperature is still very low. We only had 2 fishermen in camp on the first week, they’ve been with us for 30 years and know the lake very good which helped them a lot in these conditions. Walleye is a little slower than usual, but pike and lake trout were hitting pretty good this week. We’re very busy here with bear hunting season but we’ll try and keep you updated throughout the year. Hope we see you soon at the lodge. 




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