Dear Customers and Friends

Two weeks have gone by since our last weekly update. I have been away for a few days and ran out of time to do last week update. But the last two weeks were good anyway and we had a lot of fun with many regular and first time customers. The last two weeks were very busy again but we are happy to have that much customers even when we’re getting close to the end of the season like we are now. We have one more week of full camp and after that we have about 5 more weeks to go to our 2016 season.

In the last two weeks we have had some good fishing and some not so good fishing. As usual some of our customers did good with peaks that were very good. But the fish were a little harder to find then usual at this time of the year. I guess that the very warm summer we had is finally catching up on us. The rest of the fishing season has been so good that we were due for a little slower time. We still heard about some great fish that were caught, like a 40 and a 43 inches pikes, a 29 inch lake trout and many walleyes over 25 inches. Note that all those fish were caught and released like more and more of our customers do now. Also note that all of the walleyes over the 20 1/2 inche have to be released by law. This and a few more restrictions on lake Kipawa are going to get our lake to be one of the best in Canada in the next years. Our lake being one of the best already is sure going to get fantastic with these new regulations. A slot on walleyes a minimum size on lake trout and most important of all the closing of the lake for all ice fishing.

We have work very hard in the last two weeks with our yearly cleaning of all of our moose trail and with the new decks that we’ve put on cabin 1,2, and 3 at Maple Leaf Lodge. We also got some new asphalt put in some of our drive way to make them even easier and safer to get too. Again we have spent a lot of money to make our lodge even better for our customers and already we have some of you that thank us for it. Over the years we have put a lot of efforts and money to make our lodge better. We know you appreciate the fact that we put a lot of money back into the lodge compared to what other outfitters do. While we’re talking about improvements we have more new project for 2017 that we know you will enjoy.

Another very good thing we had all summer long, which everyone enjoyed a lot is our weekly picnic. This year we have cooked a lot of turkeys, pork and a few more thing on the spit for all of you. You have all told us that you really enjoy this and we will keep on doing this for the next years. These past two weeks the picnic was a lot of fun and special with many regular customers being here.

Our 2017 season looks very good already, with more booking at this time of the year then we ever had . Please dont wait to reserve your trip for 2017 to make sure the week you want is still available.



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