Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had , yes again, a lot of rain. Fishing was ok with some nice fish caught. The biggest bass I heard about and saw picture of was a 24 inches. I also heard about a 44 inches pike and a 28 inches walleye. Many things are different this year starting with the level of the lake that was very high all season causing some different things like fish not being always where they should be when they should be. But overall we are still doing very good compared to a lot of other lodges and other lakes. This week we also had a lot of fun trying to work on our renovation with all of the customers we had and the many thing that happened. Something went wrong with a pump, then a fridg that went bad and then came BLACK FRIDAY. On that very nice rainy day we had 2 of our boats that went down to the bottom. We had a lot of fun getting those out and trying to fix the motors afterward. One of the boats has two huge holes and it will take a lot of time to fix. The other motor we still can’t get running right and has a few damage part. A total of 6 to 7 hundred dollars of damage plus a day work for two people .

Besides that we had a great picnic with everybody in camp attending for a number of 46 people. We had other weeks this summer with more customers than that but never one where everybody came to the picnic. We had 5 new group in camp last week and 3 of those already rebooked for next year. This coming week is going to be full with regular customers which is always good for us because they know the lake and all have their favorite spot to go to. Summer is almost over and it seems that it hasn’t even started yet looking at the weather. Wow I hope we are going to have a nice fall season if not we will have to go South this winter.




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