Dear Customers and Friends,

Well after a first week with only 3 party of fishermen for Lake Trout and a bunch of bear hunters , our second week was a lot busier with many fishing party and a few more hunters then the first week . Fishing was good in the beegining of the week for some of our fishermen and got a little harder at the end of the week,  but I guess the weather had something to do with it . A lot of walleyes were caught and some were great size . We had the Tibor Keller party with a 32 1/2 inches and 27 inches and many more walleyes . We also had the Yockey party catch a few nice walleyes at 25 and 23 inches which are all back in the water as the Yockey’s always catch and release all fish . With people like them and the new regulation Kipawa lake is going to get to be even better then it was and for sure one of the best walleyes lake in Québec and Ontario . The bass are not in season but some were caught while fishing for walleyes and release naturaly . One of those bass was around 24 inches . Wow many good and fun days a head for our bass fishermen in june .   We caught many lake trout  and some were over 26 and 27 inches . The new regulation on these is also going to help a lot . So far as hunting is concern many bears were seen and many bears were kill . Even with the season being so late compare to normal and even with the full moon and perfect weather at night wich are not the best for bear hunting , we still did very good because counting the missed shot or opportunities or even the hunters that past up on some bears we had a final result at 78%.  I guess that is why we have almost all of our hunt at TBL sold for 2017 and also many of our hunt for Holden Lake are sold for the same year . Don’t wait if you want to have the chance to hunt with us in 2017 .

On other news we have had a few customers that have told us that they are getting some other outfitters on lake Kipawa boderring them with email and other advertising of there , I guess they are having a hard time selling there camp and I also guess that they are not people we can trust . Some of the new commers in the last 10 years ( new Outfitters) are realy not guys with much pride or honor . Please let us know if you are getting some of this publicity and or email so we can know who are the people we can trust and the one’s that are just not honnest.   I just can imagine what they do when they try to sell trip !!! On these word I will let you go and we will see or talk to you all soon .



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