Dear Customers and Friends,

At TBL this week we had a great fishing week . We had 3 of our groups this week that were on their second trip  of the year and all of them loved that late summer fishing .  Most of our customers did either very good or very very good this week . Walleye wise some of our regulars said they did better then ever and some of our new customers said they were pleasantly surprised by the good fishing and the lodge and it’s accomodations .  The biggest walleye that was caught this week that we know about was 23 inches. Lake trout fishing was good also with many trout caught but no very big ones reported .  Pike wise we had a real good week at some of our remote lakes with some parties going to the lake and catching over 30 pike every time . On the main lake pike fishing was also very good with our biggest pike of the year (so far ) at 45 1/2 inches caught by Elaine Schwink,  PA . We also had another one of our regular customer,  Mike Eschborn of  NY that caught a 37 1/2 incher on his second week at the lodge this year .   If you seem to know Elaines name it is very posible that you remember it from other years as she caught the bigest pike of the year a few years before this one . Bass were very good also mainly in the early morning and late evening , but no really big ones reported, the biggest one being 18 inches . This week I have taken a few days off and worked a little at my cabin , just to change the routine . I took time to look at some of the websites and the comments of other Outtfiters on this lake and elsewhere in Canada so I keep up to date on what is going on and what is being said . Well  many of you told us over the years that they really appreciate our weekly updates for many reasons and the few that seem to be most appreciated are the following and I now know why after looking at these comments on face book,  twitter,  etc …  First, we do not talk about or put down any other lodges in any way in our updates or in any other way or at any other time . Second , the fact that we dont tell people the same thing week after week about the fishing and hunting  being always the best in the world here at our lodge .  I guess what I am trying to say is that we will not say anything against other Outtfitters or Lodges here at TBL  or we will not lie about the fishing and hunting  being always fantastic and we are proud of this , even more so since we know that you like it that way . So I wont tell you that we caught 100s and 100s of walleyes or that we killed a moose of 1600 lbs or other stuff like that.   I respect you to much for that . But what we do here is try our best to have good equipement , good lodging , help you the most we can with the fishing and hunting techiniques and all of this in a safe and beautifull place ti get to on this Majestic Lake that Kipawa is .

Here is the first comment i got on this week weekly update and that why i do what i do in my updates . i decided to let all of you see what most of our customers think about our update and Lodge . Here is that comment .

Enjoy the weekly update.  Please don’t change the format it is refreshing to read the truth about the fishing and hunting for the week.  Can’t wait to get back to TBL for our 2015 Moose Hunt.

Keep up the good work,

Kelly Strait




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