• Well our 2017 season as come to a end , soon you will see our last weekly update for 2017 . We hope to see you in great numbers at the shows this winter and next season at the lodge. Thank you to all of you for another great season. Yves

Black Bear Hunting

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2014 Bear Hunting Season – May 17 to June 28 Bear Hunting Facts We cover a large territory and we have some of the best guides available to maximize your success. This region produces bears averaging 200 pounds and a kill ratio of 90% or more. Every year at Taggart Bay Lodge we have taken bears weighing over 350 pounds. Most of the shots are between 15 and 35 yards. You can use rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and bows. Semi-automatics are OK. Make sure to specify your special needs so that whether you use bow, black powder, rifle, or shotgun, you will be satisfied. To make sure your trip is not only successful but also trouble free, we do everything for you: track your bear, bring it back to camp, skin it, and prepare the meat (freeze it) and pelts for your return trip. We will also fill out all the paper work (export tag and CITEES permit).Baiting At Taggart Bay Lodge we put a lot of time and money into our baiting. Baiting starts in early April and runs until the end of June. Every bait site is chosen and started by the owner and checked every second day all through the hunting season. We use pastries and meat for our baiting. In a normal season we will go through 20 tons of pastries and about 10 tons of meat. A few other ingredients are used in smaller quantities. An average of 100 active baits sites are used to ensure success. You will get as many baits as you need to get your bear. In the past our customers have achieved a 98% sighting ratio, so our baiting program really works! May of our customers see numerous bears a day. New in 2012 Two differente packages are now offered to you for your bear hunts. We will now have at TBL a Deluxe Hunt and a Econo Hunt . 

Deluxe Hunt will included everything like : Lodging , Meals , Tree stand , Transportation to and from the stand , as many baited site as you need to kill your bear. Tracking and retreving your bear , Game dressing and storage , Export tag , Pratice stand for gun and bow , full fishing trip , Experience Guides , etc… . The Econo Hunt will included all of the same things Except the meals and the transportation to the bait . Check our price list for more info on these packages. For those that have all ready reserve with us for 2012 it is not a problem, you can stay on the same package as you had allready bought or hask to swich to one of our new packages . Vehicles Four wheel drive vehicles are not needed to get to your bait. You should plan on a maximum of 3 hunters per vehicle. In the last few years a lot of our customers brought ATVs which proved to be a good way to get to some of the most remote baits. Our guides will drop hunters off where needed.
Econo Bear Hunting Package Includes: 6 days hunt 7 days stay

  • Hunting territories and baited sites
  • Private full facilities cabin
  • Tree stand
  • Guided tour of hunting territory
  • Game Dressing and storage
  • Boat motor and gaz
  • Export tags and CITEES permits
  • Practice stand and target for bow hunters
  • Sighting-in area for gun hunters
  • Numerous bait site ( if needed)
  • Extra baits
  • Experienced Guide
  • Please note that Deluxe Hunt includes all of the above with the addition of meals and transportation to and from the baits .
A maximum of 12 hunters per week is allowed in camp.
Complete fishing package always part of the hunt: boat, motor, unlimited gas, and bait.
Hunting & fishing licenses and meal Plan (if requested) are not included.
Partial List of Items to Bring:

  • Pick-up truck
  • Orange vest
  • Head net
  • Latex gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Warm clothes
  • Tree stand if you wish to use your own
  • Flash light
  • Cooler or container for the meat and pelt
  • A lot of duct tape
  • Therma Cell

For videos of our bear hunts click : Here