Where Are The Walleye?

At the beginning of the fishing season you will find walleyes in the shallow bays in great numbers – especially near the spawning areas. As the water warms up in June, the walleyes move from the spawning areas into the main part of the lake where you’ll find them near rocky structure adjoining land at depths of 10′ to 20′. Later in the season walleyes will be found in slightly deeper water. Early morning and late afternoon and evening are usually the best times to fish for walleye, but we often catch them during the middle of the day. Many walleyes over 10 pounds are caught each year; the average is about 2 pounds.



What Should I Bring for Walleye Fishing?

  • Lead head jigs (1/16 oz. to 3/8 oz.) in fluorescent colors.
  • Floating jig heads (hook sizes 2 and 4) in fluorescent colors.
  • Slip sinkers (1/4 oz. to 1/2 oz.).
  • Worm harnesses/rigs; both fluorescent and metallic blades work.
  • Plugs that imitate minnows such as Rapalas , Hot N ToT  and others are good ; silver and bleu is hard to beat .
  • Slip buber’s are good most of the time.
  • Worms and leeches are for sale.
  • Minnows live or dead cannot be used anywhere  in Québec . We are protecting our lake’s from invesive spicies .
  • Be sure to bring good rain gear since walleyes prefer cloudy days.


What About Rods and Reels for Walleye Fishing?

  • For jigging, light action rods from 6′ to 7′ work well. Rods with sensitive tips, such as better graphite rods, will help you land more fish.
  • For drifting and backtrolling, the same rods will work fine, but a light/medium rod or a light action rod with more “backbone” will serve you well.
  • For trolling plugs, a medium action 7′ rod is best.
  • We suggest you bring reels you know will work rain or shine.