Where are the bass?

Smallmouth bass fishing in the main lake has perked up recently, with bass over 8 lbs caught in the last couple of years.  Fish the rocky islands and shoals.  Pay special attention to the shallow rock ridges and humps.  Fish early and late in the day with floating lures and switch to deeper presentations as the sun gets higher.  

What Should I Bring for Bass Fishing ?

  • Floating minnows like Rapalas in #5 to #11 sizes. Bring whatever floats – on some days the bass seem like they will nail anything!
  • Plastics of all types work, but grubs and tube jigs are favored. Yellow, white, and natural colors are good choices. Plastic worms work well too.
  • Fly fishermen will enjoy an outing on this lake as the bass are often gorging themselves on Mayflies and dragon flies.

What About Bass Fishing Rods and Reels ?

  • Light action rods that are about 6′ long will work best.
  • Some ardent fishermen will use ultralight tackle but be prepared for a battle!
  • A reel with a smooth drag will be your best friend when the big bass try to dive behind rocks and sunken trees.