Dear customers and Friends

The new year as started and it seem like it going to be a great one . Our email and phone as not stop in the last couple of days , i gess that mean everybody is eager to get back to TBL . i know i am , even if it is still minus 25 celcius for now . The lake is frozen anought now to go anywhere on it , but stating this year you can not fish on lake Kipawa in the WINTER wich is very good news for our Lake Trout population . Many of you know that lake trout is very vulnarable in the winter so the gourverment in order to do a good job on fish conservation on our lake dicided to close all fishing  in the WINTER . They had to do this because they could not control what fish were beeing caught at that time of the year in what number and by who . All of this in order to help the lake trout population to get back to what it should be . i think this is a great moove . in oder news i will be stating my show rund very soon , so try to make sure you stop in and see me . We will be in Syracuse NY , Harrisburg PA , Pttsburgh PA , Columbus OH , Hamburg NY , Erie PA  and  Toronto ON . We should have a regular or early spring this year if everything keep going the way it is going now . We are just getting a normal winter with not to much snow . To answer a question that many of you have call and email me about this year like other year , the answer is  YES i did tied down a moose , a bear , a pike , a walleye ect ect for all of you . So we should have a great season . For more serious stuff we did get the result on a lot of the fish and game population this year and all of our population are doing very very good but maybe the lake trout wich is donw a little from what it should be . But with all of the new regulation we will have for lake trout in 2016 + the closing of ice fishing it should be back as good as it was in no time . So far as Walleye , Bass and Pike everything is great . For our big game ( Moose and Bear ) evrything is normal with even and increase in bear population . Well i can’t wait to see you all to talk about a lot more stuff like this  , so don’t wait and come down and see us at one of our show . if you did not reserve your trip for 2015 please dont wait at the show and call or email because spot are going fast . See you soon .