Dear customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a great week at hunting and not bad at fishing. Walleyes were not biting as they should’ve been but some very nice one’s were caught. Also a few very big pikes were caught and released and many other small ones were caught. Most of the customers said that they caught and released many many bass as they were trying to catch some walleyes. Lake trout was also doing very good with a lot of new fishermen that were on their first try for lake trout and did very good for beginners. All of the trouts were released because of there size and because of guys that dont eat them.
Hunting wise we did fantastic with 19 bears killed this week which gives us a total of 47 bears killed so far. Two weeks of hunting still to go, this looks like a record year in the making.
On other news some of our new customers went to my house this year instead of the lodge. The problem is that these guys are using the google info instead of the how to get there info on our website or our brochures. Google gives our mailing address instead of the lodge info. Please take care and make sure you got the right info before you put it in a GPS. That will save you many hours of detour.
We do have a new sign on the road in Laniel but it is not the best looking sign. It is big and white thats all I can say. We are with two other outfitters on this sign so be careful when you are trying to get to our access road.
Well week 4 is starting today and the fishing is already much better and hunting last night was great again. Make sure to reserve early if you want to get in TBL for 2018.