Dear Customers and Friends,

This past week we had a lot families and couple for a very good week.  The weather was very good and fishing not bad for most of our customers.  We were happy to have a few party of clients that were not at our lodge for a while, the Amedick were one fo those party and seem to enjoy there trip back here with us at TBL.  Many other group were couple that are regular customers at TBL like Mike and Kathy, Bruce and Jennine.  Mike and Kathy were on there 11th year with us a TBL.  Many of our customers are long time customers like Mike and Kathy.  We also had another party that as been coming for the last 6 years at TBL told us they did there best fishing ever on this past week.  Len and Chris did very well fishing some of there usual spot and some new one.  We also had some new first time customer like Steve and Leah and there family plus many other customers.  It is always fun to see our lodge as full week after week.  I guess that mean august fishing is also very good.

Fishing wise we had Pete and Elaine that caught the biggest pike of the week at 41 inches and as usual they release it to let other people have the chance of catching it over and over.  We also had many lake trout caught and release by many different customers.  Lake trout fishing seem like it as improve in the last few years.  Walleye fishing was very good for some of our customers and not so good for others, but this is normal I guess.  We are getting closer to our moose season and the moose seem to be there in great numbers this year.  We have half of our moose trails ready and all of the trail that we got ready have a lot of good sing for moose.  Zone 13 in Québec offer some of the best moose hunting in Canada, nothing like Newfoundland but very good anyway.  But for the price we have the result we give and how easy it is to get to our lodge, I don’t think there is a better hunt value for money.

Make sure to reserve your fishing or hunting trip early to avoid desapointement!