Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we have had the pleasure of having a great friends back at the lodge . Her and her husband have been our friends and more like family for a lot of years. They have been everybody friends at the lodge for a lot of years also. You have guessed it right, Linda was back this past week for a week stay with her son’s and she look very good. Since the lost of her husband Tom last year Linda had not been at the lodge but even if it was a little hard on her I guess in the end she was glad that she came back. So glad that she is coming back in august. We also had and still have some very good groups last week at TBL. We had  the Earnst party, the Miller, the Kratzer, the Doucet and we alo have other families this week that are still here for their second week stay like the Oldham party, the Bingman and the Raymond. We are blessed to have that many repeat customers at our lodge and we work hard on giving all of our customers the best of everything to keep them with us for a long time.

Fishing wise some of our parties did very very good again this week, some did good and one group did no good at all. Definitely cabin 4 is not the lucky number this year.  Many many wallyes were caught and many many bass were caught. Not to many pike or lake trout reported this past week. More and more people report caching walleyes over the slot size and everybody is proud to tell us they released them. Imagine what it will be in a few years from now, we will have one of the best lake in Canada. One of the main biologist in charge of fishery in Quebec told me, every year we will see a big difference and it won’t take long. Mainly, because of the speed that all the fish grow in this lake . We will be catching a lot more fish below the slot, in the slot and above the slot. That means a lot more fun and more quality of fishing in all of the future years. It is a lot of fun to see that 99% of our customers and everybody I talk to are pleased with the new measures on our lake. Everybody is proud to do their part in getting the lake even better then it as always been.

A good part of the season as gone already and we are doing very good fishing wise so far, most of our regular customers and a lot of new one are reporting a very good season on fishing. We still have some new customers that just can’t and won’t adjust to the fishing we do here. But overall we are doing very good. We are very lucky to have our lodge on such a great and wonderfull lake. Please keep on helping us keep it that way. Catch and release is the way to go, all big spawners in all species should be released no matter the regulations. Keeping a few fish to eat will never hurt our lake, over killing fish could hurt yours and your kids future fishing trip .

Please don’t wait to reserve your next trip at TBL as we are getting booked a lot earlier then usual for the next season .