Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had a lot of new customers and some regular one’s . A full camp with 47 people in for the week .  We did good at fishing for most part even with the very hot weather that turn drastically in cooler weather in the mid week . We have found a lot of bass and walleyes in some unusual place with a technique not use as much these days as it was done in the past . Thanks to some of our regular customers and some small suggestion from your host , some of our new and regular customers did good or very good at fishing  this week . The biggest walleye caught that I heard of was a 29 inches and the biggest bass was 19 1/2 inches . A lot of smaller walleyes and bass were also caught . Lake trout wise we had a few party that did very good on them , with the biggest one I heard of at 27 inches . Northen pike was very very good this week on some of our remote lake . Four or five different groups went to some of our catch and release pike  lake and did very good or very very good . All most all of the pike caught on the remote lake were between 20 to 28 inches , not bad for a remote lake and spécialy went we know most of the party that went there caught a average of 20 pikes .  Most of the pike caught on the main lake were in between 24 to 30 inches , nothing big for the main lake and no great number . Some of our regular feature at TBL have change in the last few weeks because of Tom and Linda not being here . For exemple the fishing seminar is no longer happening , but as most of the regular customers told us , for them it does not change much as they know a lot about everything here . And from now on  for the new customers  I  do a very good breafing on all the main fishing techniques and the spot to go to for the time of the year that we are in . This new way of doing thing seems  to be very appreciated by both the new and regular customers . The new customers get a more personalize service and are able to  ask more questions . By doing that they also find out  that their well being and the success of their trip is important for the us . For the regular customers a short breafing and a few pointers are good enough so they can head out and fish a lot sooner . Note that we don’t miss Tom’s  seminar but I  think we have fund a good new way to help our customers in their goal of a good fishing vacation .

On other news we have had a great picnic again this week . We had about 25 peoples attending with a few guys that change their mind at the last minute and did not show up,  I guess fishing was to good . But beside that our picnic was a great success with all the food that was there we could of easily fead 60 people  . There was a lot of different choice + the two turkeys I had cook on the spit and a bunch of french fries I did on our open stove right by the deck . Many new customers told me they love our lodge and thanks both me and Lise for all of the help and services we have gave them this . As usual we fund out that our lodge is greatly  appreciate  by our regular and new customers . It always amaze me to hear the new customers talk about our  lodges compare to the one’s they have been to in the past . That’s how they remind me every time how much more we offer here in quality of lodging , equipement , services , and all of the extra we give at no extra cost . That make me feel very good .